Speak softly and carry a big pencil.

Cheerful Chick

Right from the moment Chick is born, she wants to lead the other animals in cheer! Unfortunately, the rest of the barnyard just isn't quiiiite as enthusiastic. Lucky for little Chick she has a whole squad of siblings who are backing her up (even when she doesn't realize it)!

Published by Scholastic Press
Written by Martha Brockenbrough
Illustrations by Brian Won
ISBN: 1338134183

Cheerful Chick


"Persistence and self-awareness win out in this story of a bird trying to find her true squad. Brockenbrough and Won introduce persistent, perky Chicken, who, much to the chagrin of the entire barnyard, “loved to cheer.” Wearing a coordinated sweater and pleated skirt, Chicken practices “side splits, wing stands, super punches” before setting out to realize “her lifelong dream/ to build a barnyard cheering team.”
—Publishers Weekly